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The Strategic Mindset Conference

  • 22 Sep 2017
  • 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM
  • The Riley Center, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1701 West Boyce Ave, Fort Worth, 76115
  • 109

The 8th Annual Strategic Mindset Conference

 Authentic Leadership

Presented by Terri Maxwell, CEO Talent On Purpose

Companies that build a high-trust, high-performance culture, and also take time to connect each employee’s work to a larger mission, are more effective at retaining the best talent. The key to this connection between meaning and work, and trusted leadership comes down to one thing that all workers crave: authenticity. In this engaging session, you'll learn:

  • The Five Tenets of Authentic Leadership
  • How to Inspire Trust Through Transparent Communication 
  • How to Challenge Executive Management to Improve Trust

Appreciation: Influencing Greatness in Workplaces Everywhere

Presented by Kevin Ames, Director of Speaking and Training, O.C. Tanner Institute

The Power of Influence: What can be done to fuel engagement, great work, and cultural success? What do effective leaders know to be true? Appreciation conveyed through frequent, meaningful moments of recognition inspire people to engage and to produce great work. Based on extensive global research that demonstrates the importance of effective recognition, gives leaders the understanding, skills, and confidence they need to effectively create a culture where appreciation is deeply felt, where a commitment to great work is developed, and where success is achieved. 

Learning objectives for this session are:

  • You can't drive engagement, you can only influence it
  • As a leader your critical role is as an influencer
  • How to utilize your most powerful tools


The Top 10 Keys to Career Success

Presented by Dave Rawles, President, CareerSolutions

This session provides a path for those desiring to achieve a career of success and significance.  Humorous, yet poignant, this presentation deals with ten all-to-common habits/behaviors that can cripple career progression for even the most talented professionals.  Participants will leave with the ability to identify blind spots in their own attitudes and behaviors so they may achieve their potential and manifest their career and life dreams. 

Find Your Lane: Change your GPS and Experience Success!

Presented by Bruce W.  Waller,  Vice President, Corporate Relocation

This session is a leadership strategy session about changing your “Career GPS” which stands for Grow, Plan, and Share to maximize success. We are all moving in different lanes and need to find the lane that works for us. We need to think differently on how we approach everyday life to achieve our business and personal goals. Some of strategies and keys to success include being growth oriented, networking, the importance of serving others, and being resourceful.The objective of this session will be: To inspire you to “find your lane” that works best by implementing some key strategies that ignite a passion and brings more joy to your career which leads to success!

HR Detox: Removing the Head Trash that Limits Your Success

Presented by Dawn Brinson,  CEO Brinson Benefits

Detoxification: A process in which one rids the body of toxic or unhealthy substances.

Head Trash: Thought patterns or limiting beliefs that hinder judgement and authenticity.

When you think differently, you show up differently. The way you understand your role and obligations or value your contribution can greatly limit your impact in and for a company.  Listen to a new perspective as one CEO shares lessons learned from her first-hand experience of pushing through every ceiling, from the basement to the boardroom. 

 Learning objectives for this session are:

  • Open the door on your own head trash and limiting beliefs
  • Discover the value you can bring from a strategic HR role
  • Find your keys to success by respectfully challenging the status quo


You Hold the Key to Monkey Management

Presented by Stan Rush, SPHR

Human Resources Manager, Sodexo

Monkey management is an essential key to a manager's success.  Based on The One Minute Manager Meets the Monkey, this session teaches managers how to effectively delegate tasks, projects, and goals with a little bit of fun.  

Participants will learn to identify the monkeys, gain knowledge on the descriptions, owners, insurance, and checkups monkeys need, and create strategies for preventing monkeys from joining your circus. 

Flipping the Pyramid:  Empowering Employees to Transform their Culture

Presented by 

Michael Fox, Program Director 

Cultural Transformation, Lockheed


Maverick Smothers, Sr. Manager 

Learning & Leadership Development, Lockheed

Evolving a culture to achieve organizational key results is noteasy and can take years and valuable resources. Cultural transformation can be accelerated when employees are empowered to make a significant difference in the business. Where employees see themselves in running the organization is directly tied to their level of engagement, which leads to the beliefs they hold about the business. 

Learning Objectives for this session are:

  • Learning how to flip the organizational pyramid
  • Understanding the current culture and having the employees "put a lid on it"
  • Focusing on belief to accelerate a measurable shift in culture 
  • Understanding how feedback fuels transformation and creates ownership 

This conference has been submitted for 7 Hours of  SHRM PDC's and 7 Hours of HRCI Business Credit.


A continental breakfast and a buffet luncheon will be provided. 

Dietary Restrictions Vegan meals will be provided for vegetarian, gluten-free and food allergy requests.

All registrations must be received before noon on Tuesday, September 19, 2017.  Thereafter, a limited number of registrations will be accepted at the door on a first-come, first-served basis. Please understand that you cannot be guaranteed a seat at the meeting if you do not register by the Monday preceding the event.

If you can't make the event, please let us know 72 hours beforehand by sending an email to info@fortworthhr.org, so that we can cancel your registration. Otherwise, we will bill you for the reservation (we pay the venue based on the number of attendees reserved - including no-shows).



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